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Resources &Capabilities

Resources & Capabilities

Benchmark has the latest equipment to make sure the job is done right and the personnel to operate it safely.  All of our employees must pass operators tests before they are allowed to use equipment on the job site.

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Fleet: Over 70 trucks filled with Benchmark employees and equipment leave our yard daily.


Wheel Loaders: Used in street work and where tracks will damage surfaces(2) 204 ( 1 cubic yard capacity)(1) 244 ( 1.5 cubic yard capacity)

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Track Loaders: Used in open areas and soft terrain

(1) 605 ( 1.7 cubic yard capacity)(3) 655 (2.5 cubic yard capacity)(1) 755( 3.2 cubic yard capacity)(2) Skid Steer:  Used in tight spaces and high traffic areas(6) 331 (3600lb operating capacity)(2) 323 (2690lb operating capacity)

Directional Drills: Used when you need minimal disturbance to roads, sidewalks, and landscapes

(1)16×20 (16,000lb thrust x20,000 ft-lb rotation torque)

(2) 24×40 (24,000 lb thrust x 40,000 ft-lb rotation torque)

(1) 36x 50 (36,000 lb thrust x 50,000 ft-lb rotation torque)

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Pole Cat/ Bucket Truck: used in setting street lights and overhead Utility

Benchmark has augers for setting pole bases from 12 inches all the way up to 36 inches 

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Trench rollers

Benchmark has everything from an 84” roller down to 24” remote control rollers.


Benchmark has the equipment for tight spaces, wide open spaces, shallow trenches, and the deepest trenches. We also have hammers to get through the toughest rock.(1) 35 series                 (2) 245 series(4) 50  series                (2) 300 series(8) 85 series                 (4) 350 series(2) 135 series 

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